The first annual Mule Mile was held on May 26th along the Bishop Canal. We had 54 runners and raised $300 for Bishop High Sports! The winning times were outstanding! Andrew Kastor won the men's division with a kickass time of 4:50:18 and Katie Carrell - only 16- won the women's division with a time of 6:34:04. Aisling Mooney took the kids division (wearing etnies!) with a time of 8:10:26. Finally, the Smith Family came in at 9:06:50 winning the family division. We had two mystery runners outfitted with blue masks who amazingly finished the race without passing out! Our youngest runner, Rachel Fitt, age 4, ran an outstanding time of 13:33:44 and our oldest runner, Gene Burke, age 70 finished in 7:41:05. We're going to do our very best to have the race held on Main St next year, keep your fingers crossed!