Baggers Can't Be Choosers

There are many lables to describe various types of runners. You can be "classified" as road runner, trail runner, marathoner, distance runner, sprinter...... and the list goes on. What about a Runner Bagger? What is it? Who are they? And why the heck can't they be choosers?

What: running mountains and peaks for fun, exercise, because they're there and even sometimes because of nothing better to do.

Who: anyone who runs mountains and peaks.

Why Baggers Can't Be Choosers: well technically, they could. But, it is not about technicalities. All summits are fair game because each one has its own special unique characteristics (even those piles of rubble). No rules, only awesome views from the summit destination. You'll know you're a bagger when climber/mountaineers comment "you did that, in those shoes" and you just smile. Typically runner baggers log time in hours and minutes instead of days and weeks.

The photo above is University Peak in Independence Creek that fell victim to a runner bagger on June 10, 2007 in 70 minutes and 41 seconds from camp at Matlock Lake. The baggerlings pictured in the foreground are Reymond and Dezert Sky Kiddoo.
The view from the summit was spectacular. Picture here are lakes of the Independence Creek Drainage. Bench, Matlock, and Slim lakes are part of a Native Species Restoration Area which has been known to attract runner baggers of sort.