Bear Creek Spire²

There's nothing like a 15 hour run in the Sierra Nevada! Why? Because what you get to experience that 1 day positively impacts you for life. There is only one way to have this experience in 1 day and that is by running. You can's drive it! You can't ride a horse (they don't do 4th class) and i'm betting you can't even ski it (please prove me wrong, i'd love to hear about that adventure).

This particular run i'm calling the Bear Creek Spire² loop. The Bear Creek Spire gets a mathematical exponential function because of reasons i'll describe below in the run route description.

Ran On: June 11, 2007

Run Route Description:

Start- Jeff Kozak's cabin at Rock Creek Lake (subtract 40min run time if starting at Mosquito Flats).

Run through Little Lakes Valley past Treasure Lakes up through Cox Col to the Summit Bear Creek Spire returning to Cox Col to pick up your pack you left 35 minutes ago. Run over Gabbot Pass and glissade to Upper Mills Lake (see photo above)! Run out 2nd Recess trail to Mono Creek trail. Head down Mono Creek trail to the John Muir / Pacific Crest Trail. Head south on the PCT saying hello to through hikers this time of year (you know you're doing a good run when through hikers are impressed). Cross over Bear Ridge then down to Bear Creek departing from the PCT at the Lake Italy trail (Hilgard Creek). Follow this trail to until it ends at Lake Italy. Kick it into gear up the step climb to Cox Col. To square² the Bear Creek Spire leave your pack again, (this time take your camera because the lighting this time of day on the backside of Mt. Tom and Mt. Morgan is sexy and summit Bear Creek Spire again!!! Once back at the col, take the direct decent route and be sure to smile because your legs will feel like jello (and they should)! If you hurry across the boulders back to the trail above Long Lake you can complete this run with no headlamp required.

This run is very satisfying and highly recommend! ~pk