California 100 Hat Trick

Any Soccer fans out there? For those that aren't, a Hat Trick is 3 goals in 1 game by the same player (difficult but feasable). The California 100 is a list of "best" 100 peaks in the golden state based on various criteria, but biased towards elevation (must be > 13,100'). To find this list google "california 100 peaks" or contact me and i'll send it over your way. Thanks to Paul Richins, Jr. for posting this list which i stumbled upon back in 1999.
This particular run was inspired by Pinenut Kiner who last year during a Black Giant/McDuffie run a bag said, "hey look at Goddard! That one is going down next time in a day."
This post describes my California 100 Hat Trick that started June 25, 2007 at 0515 at the Sabrina Reservoir trail head. It's a dry June (no snow at all) so the run to the "pass" just south of Mt. Wallace via the Hungary Packer Lake trail was straight forward. Traversing above the North side of Echo Lake was a great way to enjoy breakfast on the move. Once at the pass my route traversed over to Mt. Fiske 13,503' (peak #1). This section was filled with loose rock and annoying this way, no this way, no this way route finding. After Fiske, the traverse to Mt. Warlow 13,206' (peak #2) was much more enjoyable. The stable finer granite type of earth. i considered this the decision point to go for Mt. Goddard this day or save it for leftovers. The image pictured above is what i saw when making the decision so it really wasn't much of a decision. i mean, look at that peak baggers delight. Besides, Goddard would be pissed being saved for leftovers. Running across the Upper Evolution Basin cross country was heavenly (maybe i should say evolutionarily). Then the climb up Goddard was invigorating with dark rock, yellow flowers and small snow runoff water falls breaking the silence of the hominid-less environment. This is one summit to sit for awhile and enjoy. So many Sierra Peaks are surrounded by equally high peaks but Goddard really stands out and you feel up there alone. After 7 hours and 31 minutes it was time to turn the run around and head back to Sabrina. Maneuvering around the north side of Mt. Huxley i finally reached the crest of the Middle Fork Bishop Creek where i came over much earlier in the day (yes, i was tired). After the long loose crumbly descent back to trail i was thrilled to be back on a more desirable running surface. Running thru the Sabrina Basin as the sun started to go down was majical. Again this was no headlamp required run with a total time lapse of 13 hours and 52 minutes. A few days later i'm still having difficulty processing everything. Now that's a RUN! ~pk