Hardrock 100

Here's a brief synopsis of my adventure (the Hardrock 100 mile foot race) in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado on July 13 - July 15 2007.

Mountain enthusiast beware because once you've engaged and experienced the power of the San Juan Mountains, you will be hooked. The Hardrock 100 has everything to offer a mountain runner desires.

To the left is a picture of me taken by John Cappis a couple of hours after the start of the race. Need i say more? Look at those sexy mountains! The course in another 80+ miles of this. Add some river crossings, a little snow, lots of rock, a pinch of alpine meadows and one 14000"+ peak and you have recipe for fun. The race cut-off time is 48 hours and i consider myself fortunate to have finished in 30hrs and 52min. One night without sleep is enough for me. Those hardy souls that go 48 hours straight are my hero. If you ever decide to partake in the Hardrock endeavor, you will not be disappointed. If you've already ran the Hardrock, you know what i speak of. If life has gotten in the way lately, you're not living.

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