North Lake to South Lake via Lamark Col

On September 2nd, Janine Patitucci and I (Karen Schwartz) ran from North Lake to South Lake via Lamark Col. Janine and I left her house at 6am. At 6:45am we began running. Janine is Swiss and therefore has an internal Swiss clock. She estimated it would take us 15 hours - I thought 12 - Janine was correct!

I had two favorite parts of the run - Darwin Canyon and eating a Big Sur Bar on top of Bishop Pass - it tasted too good!!! Darwin Canyon is one of the most beautiful spots I'd been to all summer. No one was around, the lakes were blue green beautifulness, and the surrounding peaks are rugged and rad! Also, I'd never been there before while the rest of the run was country I'd seen on previous adventures. If you've never had a Big Sur Bar, I highly recommend trying one especially when hungry, they are dangerously delicious.

Our breaks included - Larmark Col, Evolution Lake, Muir Pass, and Bishop Pass - that's it. There were rumors of free beer at Muir Pass, but I think we were a month too late! We arrived at Bishop Pass at 7pm - 12 hours into our run. Two hours later we arrived at our car - we had to walk most of the way down the pass because it was too dark to really run and we weren't in a rush. 14.5 hours later we drove home.

Janine's husband, Dan had a pint of ice cream waiting for her, my husband, Howie had burritos waiting for me. It's an awesome day, I highly recommend it. 35 miles - 10,000 feet of elevation gain.

Darwin Canyon

Muir Pass