Tour of Mont Blanc - Run!

Attention avid trail runners:
What if I told you that you could do a 6-day trail running loop that circumnavigates a major mountain of the world, passes through 3 different countries, enjoys non-stop spectacular scenery, and allows you to carry little more than a hydration pack?
What if I also told you that all of the complicated international mountain logistics would be completely lined out for you in advance,

Hmm... go on.
and that you would have the running expertise, local guiding knowledge, and emergency response capabilities of both the Sierra Mountain Guides and Sage to Summit staff available for your safety and convenience.
And what if I also told you that this trip is supported with a vehicle that can carry your fresh clothes and extra snacks or to help you get to the next destination if your muscles become more tired than your brain?
OK are you telling me this or are you just teasing, because this sounds amazing?!

It's for real. The big news for Summer 2009 is that Sage to Summit and Sierra Mountain Guides will be combining their unique strengths to offer a Tour du Mont Blanc ultra-trail running trip! You can find out all of the details and sign up at the Sierra Mountain Guides website:

Here is a brief description of the trip:
Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and is the most historic climbing venue on Earth. The massif that incorporates Mont Blanc is like a compact mountain range in itself featuring over 400 distinct summits and 40 glaciers. The mountain is shared by three countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland. In 1767, Horace Bénédict de Saussure and his entourage explored the range with guides, mules, and porters, on an expeditionary circumnavigation of the massif. Ever since, the adventure has captured the imaginations of countless alpine wanderers. The Tour du Mont Blanc has been a classic walking trip for over a century and now takes most hikers around 10-12 days to complete the loop. Mountain trails and huts have been developed along the route to allow for carrying very little pack weight considering the terrain involved and the length of the trip.

Thanks to the relatively recent advent and popularity of ultra-endurance sports, a 100 mile ultra-trail running race was developed that follows close to the classic hiker's route. This is the approximate route we follow. While the winners of the race complete the route in an unbelieveably fast sub-24 hour "suffer-fest," we plan to enjoy the pleasures of trail running in a more civilized 6-day style.

The beauty of this trip is that it is fully supported. This means that not only are you accompanied by expert running guides who are elite mountain athletes, but all of the complicated international logistics are lined out for you. It also means we have a support shuttle that can carry some of your personal items along the way. This allows you to minimize the amount you need to carry to a tiny running pack, while still maximizing comfort and enjoyment when we stop in towns. Along the trail, we set you up with guides, but we also provide you with all you need to find the route on your own at times if you prefer your own pace. Each day there are easier and more difficult options to choose from and most days you will have the flexibility to shorten the journey by hopping on a shuttle, bus, or train, and catching up with the rest of the group later.

For avid trail runners interested in active mountain vacations: This is the best run you will ever do!

Check it out and sign up!