I am a Mountain Athlete

I just spent a rejuvenating week in Los Cabos with my husband’s family. When relaxing, I get to spend time thinking about myself, and often my wanders to personal and athletic goals. What I realized on this vacation is that I am a mountain athlete. Owning a specialty running store, I feel compelled to only be a runner, but I am a mountain athlete. In the winter my miles running go way down because every day off, I’m skiing. In the summer, when days are long, I have huge mountain days which can be a 20 mile run, a climb up Mt. Humphries or a long hike. For me, being an athlete is all about the mountains. Hardly do I recreate without them. With this realization of who I am as an athlete, I plan to bring my business Sage to Summit along with me. Sage to Summit is a store that reflects my passion of running, however it needs to reflect me – a store for mountain athletes.