Running with Wheeler - My Dog!

Owning a dog is a new endeavor for me. I used to be annoyed by dogs, especially the barking, slobbering, jumpy ones; dogs just were not my gig. Ever since living in Bishop, most of my running girlfriends have dogs and I have come to enjoy running with their animals. All of the annoying qualities of dogs fade when running with them. You and the animal get to share a similar passion of running, exploring, smelling, and having fun.

My husband Howie and I rescued a shelter dog, Wheeler, in early November, she's part Queensland and Husky. Wheeler has changed running for me. In two months, I have discovered new routes, linked up some trails, and have met other dogs and dog owners in Big Pine. She joins me on tempo runs, slow runs, and exploratory runs. Also, she is a huge motivator for me. On cold mornings when I want to stay inside, do a few sit ups, and skip the run - - I look at Wheeler and I know cold mornings don't stop her. Inevitably, I'll take Wheeler out and the cold leaves in a few minutes and my motivation returns. She's still a puppy, so I know I have many many years ahead with my new favorite running partner.