Winter Race Series - Race 1

Currently, we are experiencing the typical January thaw in the Eastern Sierra, otherwise know as Juneuary. The temperature on Sat. Jan. 10th was in the mid 60's, absolutely perfect for running! 27 people and two dogs ran our first winter series 10k. With minimal advertising, I was thrilled with the turnout. If you're interested in the results, go to the Sage to Summit events calendar at

Since the backcountry skiing is not happening right now, I have been running many miles. It did not occur to me, however, that mountain running was in! Jeff reported he ran to Coyote Flat with minimal snow at 8000ft.

The best thing about living in the Eastern Sierra is that if one sport isn't happening, there is always another activity going off. Right now skiing's out, but sport climbing, bouldering, and running are in. The gorge is warm, even hot in the sun. The buttermilks are snowfree and
beautiful as ever, and the mountain running is happening.