Tearin' Up Tungsten City Road!

As Karl Meltzer would say, "It was a heater." Race #2 in the S2S Winter Series at Millpond was the fastest, most highly competitive 10K I've raced in a looooong time...maybe since college. How exciting it was to have several guys strung out but within contact for the entire 6.2. I suppose it could be argued that Dan Yarborough ran the 2nd 5K as his own personal time trial, but at least he gave the rest of us the illusion of keeping it close during the gut-wrenching uphill 1st half.
To be sure this 1oK course was nothing like what you would find on the road circuit: approximately 1000' of wind-sucking climb in the 1st 5K then, you guessed it, an equal amount of gravity-enhanced, hold-onto-your-hats descent. The modest gradient and dirt surface combined for a blessedly forgiving all-out downhill sprint that was easy on the joints. No quad-thrashing brakes needed on this one. With no wind, high clouds and temperatures rising through the 40s into the low 50s it was another perfect day on the Eastside for racing.
And lest you think the early to mid-adult range was the only scene where a top 3 age-group placing would have been a challenge, check out the 11-15 age category. I think there were 4, maybe 5 representing the future of Owens Valley running. It is VERY REFRESHING indeed to see that at least some of the youth of today realize there is more to life than computers and video games.