Millpond Winter 10K Series Race #3

I love me some daylight savings! Who cares if it's dark at 6am? If ya gotta get up, ya gotta get up! Having post-work evening light to play with is where it's at.
We're 2 for 2 with perfect running weather for the race series so come on out to Millpond this Saturday, March 14th and see if we can make it a hat trick. At last check the forecast is for 60s and sun so we're looking good so far. The weather can change gears quicker than Dan Yarborough in a downhill 5K though so keep your fingers crossed. The third race course returns us to a more traditional 10K loop, no more of that straight up then straight down garbage!
Allow some time post-race to hang out, socialize, eat Great Basin bagels and find out if you've won anything in the raffle. There will be lots of cool schwag given away courtesy of Sage To Summit and some of our generous vendors.
If you're feeling really spunky and you live reasonably close to Millpond (it's all relative I suppose), leave the car at home and run to and from the race start for a solid warmup and cooldown; Phil Kiddoo's been doing it - so can you! Speaking of Phil, his mileage totals are still in the black: 675 on two legs, 335 on four wheels - it can be done!
The dark days of winter are over; get out there and enjoy the month that ushers in spring, a time of growth, renewal and rejuvenation after a winter's worth of psuedo-hibernation.