Spring Is In The Air

I'll apologize from the get-go here to all the skiers out there for my excitement at seeing mid to upper 70s in the forecast for the Owens Valley next week! Looks as if winter could be making another pre-mature exit as it did last year. What's bad for state-wide reservoirs is great for fair-weather runners :)
Good luck to all of you that make it out to Millpond this Saturday for the final 10K in the "Winter" Race Series. As it turns out winter never really seemed to be an apropos title for the series. When you all toe the line at 9am I will be one hour into the most competitive race of my life at the Way Too Cool 50K near Auburn; and while you are recovering an hour or so later with bagels, fruit and beverage, I will probably be wishing I hadn't missed the last 10K in order to go an extra 25!
One last thing: Karen and I are thinking of bringing back the monthly "guided" local mountain runs this summer, probably starting in June. We had great turnout for the first one, a 20+ miler on Coyote Ridge but then the numbers really dwindled and we ended up cancelling the last few altogether. In retrospect I feel we may have been a bit overambitious in the distance of the runs (most were 20+ miles) so I'm thinking this year we'd keep them to 15 miles or less. If you have any suggestions hit that comment button and type away!