At Sage to Summit, everything seems to happen at once. We're planning to move to our new location at 312 N. Main Street in a few weeks. The timing is crazy. Jeff Kozak will be running the Hardrock 100 that week (I'm predicting he'll be in the 10 ten), Neil Satterfield, owner of Sierra Mountain Guides (office in the back of the store) will be in Europe, which leaves Howie, Annie, and Karen to move the store. If the move date is any later, Howie will be in Europe, Karen will be at Outdoor Retailer, which leaves Annie to move the store herself!

The space is looking amazing! There are wood beams in the ceiling, solar tubes giving the space natural light. We're planning on having way more inventory so Eastside residents will have a killer selection of shoes, clothing and little fun gadgets to make our outdoor lifestyle happy.

Here are some photos of the construction thus far:

New Concrete Floors

Back Entrance Demo

New Windows, Thanks Country Glass!

Goodbye 1900s construction, 100 year old wood and termites!

The city made us put in a new sidewalk. I
decided we could add a few more trees in Bishop.
We're putting in smoke trees.

The wind blew a few leaves into the

The stock room and command center.
Sage to Summit and SMG offices.

Nice new drywall and a new picture