Hello loyal JK friends and family,
I ran with Jeff yesterday from the junction of the Lamarck Col trail and the JMT to the Bishop Pass junction in LeConte Canyon (~14 miles). Jeff was clearly a little tired but was in good spirits and even put up with the goofy wig I made him wear and my orange leopard print clad ass ( I have a thing for costumes and heard that they can add some er...zest to a long day of running). We paced fairly conservatively up to Muir Pass where Jeff ate nearly a whole Big Sur bar (~600 calories) and we took a few minutes to rest up. The food seemed to do him good and we made up some time on the decent down to LeConte Canyon running whenever the trail was in good shape. Everyone we met along the trip was psyched to chat and some people took pictures and wrote down Jeffs name so that they could share in the history that could be made. Jeff was clearly psyched that his good friend Phil was going to be meeting us in LeConte and the last 3 or 4 miles went really fast as we raced to catch him before he (possibly) left. Phil met up with us with a couple of delicious breakfast sandwiches and the promise of more yummy food in his pack. Between the sandwich and Phils good vibes I saw Jeff instantly energized again. We said a quick good-bye at the junction and they went on their way. I was super psyched to have the opportunity to run with Jeff and be a part of the whole thing. Phil and Jeff had a lot of miles to cover but I think there is no one better to psyche Jeff up than Phil and I am glad he made it out. I suppose at this point someone already knows how it all went! Go Jeff!!!