The Inaugural Monthly Peak Bagger's Challenge

Late-summer greetings to all Eastsiders (and outsiders alike!). Here at Sage To Summit we've been bouncing around a low-key, friendly, gentleman's (and gentlewoman's) competition idea and it's high time we put it out there:
During the last week of each month we will post on this blog and on Sage To Summit's Facebook site an honor system, post-your-ascent-and-roundtrip-time peak bagging challenge. The idea is to choose peaks that have a variety of route options, ranging from longer trail and scrambling(maybe up to 3rd class) approaches for those of us who don't feel comfortable or have the experience to deal with "real climbing" and/or exposure, and more direct but also more technical or exposed routes for those who have more of a climbing but less of a trail running background. Those with both will have a distinct advantage! Instead of discussing the various route options here I will simply refer you to R.J. Secor's The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes, Trails. A 3rd edition just came out this year.
We're proposing this as a fun way to bring folks from the various athletic outdoor pursuits together to challenge and inspire each other, and most of all, to have fun exploring your personal physical limits while also exploring the amazing landscape that surrounds us. Get out there solo or partner up and go for it at the same time. There are no rules (other than human-power only!). Post your times on this blog (after you've knocked back your post-baggin' beers, of course) and we'll compile a list for each month's peak. A one hour penalty will be assessed for sappy summit register attempts at Shakespearean sonnets...okay, not really.
So here we go...
The peak for September is..........Cloudripper, 13525'
Start and Finish: South Lake T/H