Howie called Sage to Summit at 12:30pm today from Lamarck Col.  He met Jeff at 8:30pm last night at Floyd's camp near Pauite Creek. They slept for a few hours and began to run at 2:10am.  Maintaining a 3 mile/hr pace, they spent the night hiking up through Evolution Valley and met up with Annie at 6:45am at Darwin Bench, four hours later.  Annie and Jeff continued on through Evolution Basin while Howie slept for a few hours before hiking out.  According to Howie, Jeff feels great and is only a little tired, feet and legs slightly sore - he's been running/hiking for over 48 hours!  Jeff found out that Phill Kiddoo is planning to meet him in Le Conte Cyn and will run with him to Kearsage Pass, a huge bonus!  Pictures to come when Annie gets out tonight!