October Peak Bagger's Challenge: Mt. Morrison, 12,268'

Alright, don't put away your warm weather peak baggin' gear just yet. We're bound to have some sweet Indian summer weather between now and trick or treatin' time. So keep your grippy trail running shoes ready to rock and roll for October's peak: Mt. Morrison (the true, south summit).
Just to clarify a potentially confusing issue: there are 2 Mt. Morrison summits. The summit that can be seen from 395 is the lower, albeit much more prominent false summit at the apex of the trinagular north face of the peak which has earned it "the Eiger of the Sierra" moniker. The true summit sits obscurely further south along the ridge. Once again refer to Secor's High Sierra book for more beta. You can start from anywhere you can drive to on pavement around Convict Lake. There are a few potential options depending on the route you're doing but you must start/finish at the same chosen spot.
And, finally, to spice things up a bit here are a few ways to earn bonus time(as in time removed from your overall time) in the spirit of the season:
1) anyone who goes car to car in a legitimate Halloween costume getup (dressing up as a runner or climber, regardless of the era represented doesn't count!) gets a 5 minute time deduction
2) anyone who carries a carved pumpkin(no mini-pumpkins lads and lasses!) to the summit (documented by photos) and back gets a 5 minute time deduction
3) anyone who powers their attempt exclusively on candy gets a 5 minute time deduction

4) anyone who does any or all of the above on October 31st gets double minutes deducted!
That's a 30 minute deduction potential mates!

Obviously, other than what can be proven with photos the honor system is in full effect.

Let the shenanigans begin as we prepare to trade shoes for skis in the BC. Have fun but most of all, be safe!