November Peak Bagger's Challenge - Mt. Morgan, 13748'

Well, he may not have posted his time (3:48 I believe) but we'll give Howie Schwartz the nod for the gold on October's peak, Mt. Morrison, as he was the only one to get his ass up to the summit before that ridiculously-wet-for-October storm rolled in about mid-month plastering the terrain above 10,000 feet with classic Sierra cement. Driving to Mammoth a few days after that storm had rolled through I took a quick glance up at Morrison and thought, "so much for my candy-corn powered plan for a summit run carrying a freshly carved punkin' dressed like 'basuda blanca'."

For November, we'll put Mt. Morgan(the one flanking the east side of Little Lakes Valley) on the agenda. Start/finish at outlet of Rock Creek Lake (the forest service gate is likely locked at this point preventing you from driving to the south side of the lake near the campground). I was up in Rock Creek Canyon on the weekend of the 24th-25th and it looked like the ridgeline was blown fairly clean of snow making it possible to summit without too much slogging...maybe, maybe not. The only way to know for sure is to give a go! Better go soon though because it sure seems like Old Man Winter is psyched for an early arrival.
Happy Fall! And remember, just because Snickers is sometimes jokingly referred to as the "original energy bar," it doesn't mean you should eat enough of them to fuel a trans-Sierra trick-or-treat session.