January 2010 Peak Baggers Challenge: Tungsten Peak, 5951'

Alright, here we go...the first Peak Baggers Challenge(from now on to be referred to as the PBC) for 2010. The one and only Tungsten Peak towering above Millpond Park. Start and finish is the dirt parking area where the single-track takes off on the east side of the Tunsten Hills. It's about a mile to the summit with approximately 1300-1400' of climb! I'll have the exact distance and elevation gain posted soon, along with a map showing the location of the trail/parking area.
To get to it turn left on the first dirt road north of the paved road heading into Millpond. Follow this dirt road towards the Tungsten Hills until it T's with the main dirt road running along the base of the Tungstens and turn left again. Then take the first right turn onto a secondary dirt road which dead ends in the parking area. Of course it would be most wise to run from Millpond as a warmup!!! Your lower back and hamstrings will thank you.
I think for this one we should have both ascent and round-trip time categories so hit the split button on your watch and post 'em both! Maybe we'll keep that going throughout the year as I like Jed's idea of a King(and Queen) of the Mountains sub-competition like they have in the Tour de France.
Happy Anaerobic New Year!