Results of December Peak Baggers Challenge: Red "Mountain"

The mid-December valley snowstorm and the minimal daylight as we approached and then passed(yes!!! the days are getting longer again) the winter solstice did nothing to deter a record number of folks from stepping up and taking the challenge. Sounds like the snow made the conditions "interesting" out there. A quick look at the results shows that, well, maybe there IS something to this Crossfit thing as Colin Broadwater (the guy behind the local Crossfit craze) posted the fastest time and just about everybody who tried to blow out a lung redlining it on Red Mountain has been known to spend some quality workout time in Colin's Crossfit gym-converted garage. Check out the results below.
Happy New Year!

Name Time

Colin Broadwater 45:08
Howie Schwartz 45:50
Vic Lawson 52:01
Molly Broadwater 55:32
Chris Gaggia/Zak Mo 58:08
Doug Tomczik/Debbie Tomczik 1:58