February Challenge: The Radio Towers Tweaker

Coming up with a relatively snow-free choice for February was proving difficult and I had just about decided to extend the Tungsten Peak fun for another month when Karen suggested the radio towers in the foothills of the White Mountains. A great idea as it is completely free of snow at the moment and any snow that does fall down that low in the Whites never seems to stick around very long.

These radio towers have a certain infamy amongst some who have worked at the White Mountain Research Station over the years as it became a challenge (at least during the Phil Kiddoo years) to see who could run from the station to the towers and back the fastest on lunch breaks. Time to resurrect a new version of the fun!

To get to the start/finish area take East Line Street east past the research station (it turns into Eastside Rd. after making the curve to the right and heading south along the base of the foothills). Look for Redding Canyon dirt road (it is signed) taking off to the left (east). The start/finish area will be the Redding Canyon Rd. sign. Following the roads I have highlighted on the map it is 2.25 miles to the radio towers for a 4.5 mile RT. Not sure on elevation gain but I will have that info soon. It is a maze of dirt roads out there so the route I chose to map out is only a suggestion. I think it is the fastest way because it is the best surface and most runnable gradient, but to each his/her own and I'm sure other options will be discovered intentionally or otherwise! The key is knowing which road to veer left off of Redding Canyon Rd. onto and it has been so long since I've "run the towers" that I can't remember myself. If you're still on Redding Canyon Rd. and you find yourself surrounded by pinyon and juniper, well, you are way past any left turns that will do you any good and well on your way to an entirely different sage to summit adventure. Good luck!