Results of the January Tungsten Peak Challenge

Tungsten Peak was by far the most popular monthly challenge to date-it must have been the allure of the elusive lower elevation single-track, difficult to find but often runnable throughout the winter months when the high altitude gems are buried in white. Or it could have been the awesome views afforded by the summit of the highest point in the Tungsten Hills with a sweet 360 degree panorama. Either way a fun, albeit breathless, time was had by all. A few folks even decided to double-dip, getting after it twice.

Jeff Kozak 29:38 18:40 ascent
28:01 17:36 ascent
Dan Meyers 30:10 20:40 ascent 9:30 descent!!!
Howie Schwartz 31:28 20:44 ascent
Donald Clarkson 33:46
Vic Lawson 34:25 20:11 ascent
35:49 19:32 ascent
Colin Broadwater 35:56 22:+ ascent
Chris Gaggia 35:57
Molly Broadwater 43:11
Tom Schaniel 44:00 26:40 ascent
Sarah Malloy 49:34 31:30 ascent

On to the next training mission!