Results of the Winter Race Series 10K #2

Great running conditions greeted the 30 folks who showed up at Millpond yesterday morning for the 2nd 10K. I haven't bothered to cross-check the results but I'm fairly certain that everybody improved their time from last month's 10K! So if you ran in both 1oKs, next time you stop by the store don't forget to ask for your time improvement prize: Elemental Herbs tangerine-flavored lip balm and keep 'em sun protected and chap-free. A special mention goes to Annie Kellner who ran her first ever organized race. I think she said it was the longest she had ever run as well.

Here are the results:

Dan "Unbeatable" Yarborough M/46 37:15
Andrew Kastor M/32 38:35
Jeff Kozak M/35 39:51
Toby Qualls M/14!! 41:39
Andy Selters M/? 46:20
Chris Gaggia M/40 46:21
Tom Meyers M/? 46:38
Dan Meyers M/52 47:00
Brandon Fitt M/34 47:15
Brian Harry M/31 47:46
Ceal Klingler F/40 48:20
Victor Lawson M/27 49:37
Howie Schwartz M/? 50:34
Arnie Kiddoo M/61 50:59
James McGovern M/28 51:00
Margo Lella F/37 51:23
Zach Moe M/26 53:37
Tom Higley M/58 54:02
Sally Gaines F/57 55:49
Tom Schaniel M/40 56:39
Ron Saenz M/? 56:58
Shauna Murray F/32 57:11
Sarah Malloy F/30 57:37
Melissa Holste F/18 58:28
Joel Saenz M/28 58:47
Angela Tomczik F/17 1:01:55
Rosanne Higley F/59 1:02:12
Kelly Goodick F/41 1:05:35
Annie Kellner F/28 1:08:47
Joe Lane M/31 1:08:47

Pictures from the past 3 winter series events to be posted in the next few days.