March Challenge: Kiss The Druid Stone

I'm expecting this one to be as popular and exciting as the Tungsten Peak challenge in January. The start/finish is where the dirtroad turns to singletrack and becomes the Druid Trail(I believe it is signed with a brown stake.). This is just past where the dirt parking area is at the base of the ridge. The turnaround point is the main Druid Stone in the bouldering area (to the left of the trail). It should be fairly obvious as it is visible from the trail and is the tallest boulder in the group.
Borrowing a tradition from the Hardrock 100 Mile in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado (where you must kiss an engraved rock at the finish line before your time is officially recorded), you must kiss the Druid stone before turning around and heading back down.
To get to the Druid Trail, head south on Barlow and veer right at the road split and head up toward Chipmunk Canyon. The dirt road that accesses the trail is a left turn off the pavement and it is the last dirt road(I think) turn to the left before you get up to the houses in Chipmunk Canyon. So you can either park on the shoulder of the paved road(recommended both for your vehicle and your warmup!) or drive right up to where the trail starts.
Thanks to Molly(via Karen) for the idea for this month's do the Druid Trail anyway. The rock kissing part was my idea because, well, that's just how I roll.
Now get out there and get your hill climb on.