Results of February Challenge: White Mtns foothills radio towers

Not much activity on the radio towers challenge last month (the skiing and Crossfit workouts must have been particularly good!)...that is until the final 36 hours of February during which time 5 of us snuck out to enjoy the late-winter snow-free appeal of the White Moutain foothills.
Here are the times posted:

Jeff K 36:42 21:17 up/15:25 down
Colin B 44:49
Tom Schaniel 51:35 30:26 up/21:09 down
Molly B/Karen S. tagteam 52:01 30:19 up/21:42 down

Starting with the March challenge we thought we'd rethink how the Sage To Summit hat prize is awarded. If you've already won a hat during a challenge for the current year, then we will award the hat to the next fastest person who hasn't already won a hat. This way, as the year progresses the "competition" for the hat will move its way down through the "pack" so more and more people have a chance of scoring a hat.
Alright on to the next hill climb!