Half-Marathon: Last Race in the Winter Race Series, Saturday April 17th

The last race in the Winter Race Series is coming up this Saturday, April 17th at 9am at Millpond Park. It will be a dirt road half-marathon(similar to the 15K course with extensions on the north and south ends) and as with all the other races in the series it is only $10 to run. There will be a self-service aid station with water, electrolyte mix, energy gels and Probars that you will pass twice. And the finish line will once again have assorted Great Basin Bakery bagels, fruit and Black Sheep coffee.
The forecast for race day is for lows in the 30s and highs in the mid to upper 70s with light winds. In other words, just about perfect, except that it may feel a bit warm as even the Owens Valley has seen precious few days above 70 thus far this year. So drink plenty of fluids!
During the race Karen will draw names from a bag for raffle prizes. Your name goes in the bag once for each race of the series you've participated in...so if you've done all 6 events you've got 6 chances to win something. You don't need to be present to win but if you are, after the race, check to see if you won something. We'll have the prizes lined up with names on them near the finish line food table. Those who aren't present who win a prize can pick it up at Sage To Summit anytime after the race.
See you on Saturday!