Half-Marathon Results

The last race of the 2009-10 Winter Race Series was held last Saturday April 17th at 9 am at Milpond Park in conditions that were anything but wintry. Calm and sunny skies with temps in the 50s at the start that quicly climbed into the 70s by late morning. Perfect except for the fact that it actually felt hot to most of us as the Eastern Sierra has seen very little warm weather so far this spring.
Dan Yarborough completed his sweep of all 6 series races and Ceal Klingler came in 2nd, narrowly missing a sweep as well, as out-of-towner Sarah Armstrong showed up to take the W. Thanks to everyone who participated in one, a few or all of the races making the series a big success.


Dan Yarborough M/46 1:21:38
Jeff Kozak M/35 1:28:32
Brannon Forrester M/30 1:37:53
Brandon Fitt M/34 1:40:47
Sarah Armstrong F/23 1:45:15
Wano Urbonas M/52 1:45:23
Chris Gaggia M/40 1:47:52
Ceal Klingler F/40 1:51:00
Angel Avila M/27 1:53:56
Dan Meyers M/52 1:55:02
Paul Elia M/39 1:56:57
Tony Phillips M/45 1:57:00
Andy Selters M/52 1:57:06
John Trent M/47 1:59:20
Jordy Cox F/38 2:00:48
Joel Saenz M/28 2:00:57
Jessica Rosen F/33 2:02:09
Katie Trent F/17 2:03:31
James McGovern M/28 2:02:48
Lanie Somers F/48 2:03:00
Vic Lawson M/26 2:08:11
Tom Higley M/58 2:10:25
Sarah Malloy F/30 2:13:13
Jen Chase F/32 2:13:43
Colin Broadwater M/34 2:13:45
Zach Moe M/26 2:13:45
Tyler Holt M/16 2:13:45
Tom Schaniel M/39 2:16:24
Ron Saenz M/50 2:18:43
Shauna Murray F/32 2:20:56
Sally Gaines F/57 2:25:22
Kelly Goodick F/41 2:31:54
Joe Profita M/57 2:45:45
Pablo Muro M/19 2:45:45
Annie Kellner F/28 2:47:54
Joe Lane M/31 2:47:54