Raffle Prizes from Winter Race Series

At the last race of the winter race series(the half marathon held on April 17th) we held a raffle. While the race was in progress Karen drew names from a bag(you got your name in once for each race of the series you participated in). There were several unclaimed prizes at the end, either because the folks whose names were drawn weren't there for the half or people who were there simply forgot to check to see if they had won.
So here is a list of unclaimed prizes(stop by the store in the next few weeks to pick up your prize if you are interested):

Dave Herbst Brooks water bottle
Greg Warnick " "
Colin Broadwater " "
Mike Morrison " "
Brooke Haverstock " "
Angela Tomczik " "

Keith Glidewell Bridgedale socks
Dustin del Giudice " "

Marie Boyd Asics socks

Trevor Beck HIC sunscreen
Tom Meyers " "

Melissa Holste Sage To Summit tank top
Sarah Starosta " "
David Grah " "
Colin Broadwater " "