Results of the March Challenge: Kissing The Druid Stone

Now that he has a Sage To Summit hat as the fastest stone smoocher on the Druid trail how will Chris Gaggia stay motivated for the rest of this year's challenges? Well, at the store the other day he said something to the effect of: "That's easy. Now I just want to beat Colin every month." If that ain't smack talk I don't know what is. Colin, you gonna take that?
Here are the times posted:

Chris Gaggia 30:44 RT / 19:57 ascent
Colin Broadwater 32:04 / 21:31
Joel Saenz 40:20 / 24:25
35:01 / 22:34 huge improvement!
Molly Broadwater 36:20 / 23:30
Ron Saenz 42:22 / 28:48
Tom Schaniel 43:25 / 28:22
Jeff Kozak 28:55 / 18:09