Results of Winter Race Series 15K, March 20, 2010

To paraphrase Greg Brown, "a spring wind blew my list of race results away." Well, not really but I need some excuse for taking so long to post these results and, to be sure, if it ain't windy where you are then you most definitely aren't in the eastern Sierra. Currently, the wind is hammering straight out of the west strong enough to blow the store door wide open and send the clothing racks scurrying for shelter. Speaking of clothing, you should stop by the store soon and check out all the new spring stuff we've gotten in over the past month. There might be a winter storm watch posted but the calendar says spring and soon enough shorts and t-shirts will be the only gear required for an outdoor workout. But first...the results of last month's 15K. Speaking of hammering, forget about beating The Yarborough Man, when will someone actually be close enough to make him work hard?

Dan Yarborough 54:37
Jeff Kozak 1:00:26
Brannon Forrester 1:03.50
Keith Glidewell 1:07:56
Brandon Fitt 1:09:18
Chris Gaggia 1:10:22
Andy Selters 1:11:46
Steve Ingram 1:11:55
Colin Broadwater 1:12:01
Ceal Klingler 1:12:31
Angel Avila 1:13:37
Mike Morrison 1:14:18
Dan Meyers 1:15:36
James McGovern 1:15:50
Molly Broadwater 1:16:16
Arnie Kiddoo 1:16:27
Tom Meyers 1:17:29
Zach Moe 1:18:17
Joel Saenz 1:19:05
Tom Schaniel 1:23:43
Shawn Hayes 1:23:43
Stewart Vogstad 1:24:06
Ron Saenz 1:27:01
Shauna Murray 1:27:07
Angela Tomczik 1:27:59
Sarah Malloy 1:30:57
Kelly Goodick 1:35:36
Sally Gaines 1:37:04
Rosanne Higley 1:37:04

Last race of the series coming up in 2 weeks on April 17th. I'm guessing it's your only chance to run a well-marked half marathon course with aid stations and finish line food and drink for only ten bucks! So come on out.