Tungsten Peak 10...ahhh...11K - Saturday December 11, 2010

Local weather forecaster Howard Scheckter's most recent blog post referred to this winter's current pattern as "La Nina on Steroids" and then went on to state that Solar Cycle 24 is an "incipient maladroit." Now, as usual, I have no idea what he is talking about but I can tell you this: the current weather is making for some incredible mid-December running in the Sierra frontcountry. Which is exactly what 27 Eastsiders experienced yesterday, taking on the challenge of running up and over Tungsten Peak (just shy of 6000') from Millpond County Park (approximately 4200') on a 7 mile course consisting of a mix of dirt roads, steep single-track and a bit of cross country through leg-scratching sagebrush. Forget the ski wax and break out the sunscreen. Most everyone had dug out the shorts and t-shirt for this run; the weather couldn't have been better with bright sunshine, no wind and temps climbing towards 70.
In the weeks leading up to the race the Sage To Summit crew that had conjured up the course were a bit concerned that its difficulty might scare off some of our winter race series regulars. Not a chance. In fact, the comment I heard most after the run was something to the effect of "This was the best course yet!". I couldn't agree more.
On top of that, across the board, times were much faster than anticipated. I had predicted that maybe the winner would crack an hour and that there would be folks out on the course past 2 hours. I was way off. The first 4 arrived before the clock had ticked off 60 minutes and everyone was in and enjoying the post-run re-fueling table by 1 hour 45 minutes.
Congratulations to Jimmy Elam and Margo Lella who were the first across the line for the men and women, respectively, and to everyone who came out and supported the event. Looking forward to the next one!
Thanks to Chris Gaggia for posting photos from the day(they are on our FB page) and to Scott Justham with the BLM for coming out at the last minute to drive his truck up to the halfway point to provide aid.

Jimmy Elam :52.29
Dan Yarborough :56.22
Andrew Kastor :57.44
Jeff Kozak :58.15
Christian Fuller 1:00.09
Tim Berrey 1:08.56
Wano Urbonas 1:09.05
Brandon Fitt 1:09.26
Tony Phillips 1:09.31
David Grah 1:09.39
Mike McDermott 1:11.53
Margo Lella 1:12.35
Arnie Kiddoo 1:13.51
Joe Lane 1:14.20
Tom Schaniel 1:14.48
Tom Meyers 1:16.11
Joel Saenz 1:20.17
Tom Higley 1:21.53
Danielle Kuhl 1:24.06
Brian Kuhl 1:24.07
Ron Saenz 1:25.22
Floyd Redmon 1:27.15
Sally Gaines 1:27.31
Chris Gaggia 1:30.55
Sarah Malloy 1:30.56
Arlene Stone 1:40.49
Rosanne Higley 1:42.09