Rocking 10K, Millpond, Saturday January 8th

You wouldn't know it from the fabulous running conditions that greeted us at Millpond yesterday morning that virtually all Eastern Sierra locations are reporting 2, 3, 400% of normal precip to date, most of which fell in the few weeks since the first winter race series run last month. Such is the beauty of the Owens Valley from a runner's truly is primo year-round down here.
A crisp, clear and calm daybreak gave way rapidly to some high clouds and balmy conditions, at least by mid-winter standards. I caught another unbelievable sunrise while out marking the course prompting me to wonder yet again if we should maybe move the race starts to 7am so everyone can witness the sky magic while on the fly.
This month's course was well received by all. It has been a lot of fun to mix it up this year after offering the same standard dirt road fare in between Millpond and the Tungsten Hills the previous two winters. This course had the most single-track of any to date, none of it which I had been aware of in all of my years doing training runs in the Tungstens. How much more is out there begging to be discovered and incorporated into a race course? Only time and further exploration will tell.
Dan Yarborough was back to his winning ways so he must be fully recovered now from his 'W' and CR attempt at the High Desert 50K in Ridgecrest on Dec. 5th. Marie Fitt took top honors for the women. Times were a bit slower across the board than for our exclusively dirt road course offerings reflecting the fact that, although, single-track is usually more fun to run it is rarely, if ever, faster. But then, as runners, we've never been known for caring about the numbers, right? :)
Here are the full results:

Dan Yarborough :41.09
Christian Fuller :43.52
Heith Jones :44.01
Jeff Kozak :45.35
Chris Gaggia :49.08
Jeff Griffiths :49.11
Tony Phillips :49.42
Howie Schwartz :50.01
David Grah :50.04
Marie Fitt :51.26
Vic Lawson :52.19
Tom Meyers :53.31
Margo Lella :54.45
Arnie Kiddoo :55.05
Tom Schaniel :55.52
Mike French :57.27
Floyd Redmon 1:00.28
Jessica Rosen 1:00.32
Kelly Goodick 1:04.26
Tom Higley 1:06.37
Joe Lane 1:12.07
Rosanne Higley 1:12.48
Michelle Liske 1:21.47
Jennah Seaver 1:22.53