Winter Race Series 5K #1 Results

It was a perfect day for running in the Owens Valley yesterday. After a very cold (mid-teens) start to the morning it warmed up nicely as the sun rose higher in the southern sky and the day remained calm. Thirty-seven folks came out to enjoy a 5K dirt road course starting at Millpond and heading out toward the base of the Tungsten Hills before returning back to the park. We are psyched on this turnout! Thanks for coming out; the greater the numbers we get the more money the series will be able to donate to the Bishop Union High School cross country team. Let's shoot for 40+ next month... help spread the word about the series to your friends.
This first race was sponsored by BUFF Headgear who generously donated prizes for the event. Check them out at or stop by the store to check out our selection. We've got a lot of styles in stock right now. They make great holiday gifts.
We also had coffee and bagels donated by Black Sheep and Great Basin Bakery, respectively. By the time everyone was done hanging out post-run, 3 dispensers of coffee and 2 dozen bagels had disappeared. The fine weather had everyone lingering for sure.
And, finally, it was great to have Jonathan Pierce show up to run and support the event. Jonathan is a Mammoth Track Club member and professional distance runner and has been teaching a "Learn To Run" clinic in conjunction with Crossfit Bishop. If you're interested the final session is on 12/17.
Thanks to EVERYONE for coming out!
Here are the race results:
1st Jonathan Pierce 16:12
2nd Dan Yarborough 17:50
3rd Jacob Nachel 18:53
4th Adam Behrendt 19:26
5th Voodoo Kiddoo 20:07
6th Jesse McLaughlin 21:23 (1st female)
7th Mike McDermott 21:48
8th Sam Johnson 22:05
9th April Mayhew 22:27 (2nd female)
10th Matt Nelson 22:35
11th Paul Elia 22:55
12th Tony Phillips 23:01
13th Dale Johnson 23:35
14th Philip Johnson 23:39
15th Joel Saenz 23:50
16th Ali Feinberg 23:52 (3rd female)
17th Grace Holder 24:55
18th Michelle Orem 25:39
19th Arlene Stone 25:52
20th Tom Schaniel 26:04
21st Jake Kiddoo 26:41
22nd Krista Cooper 27:27
23rd Cyndee Kiddoo 27:37
24th Ginger Perez 28:02
25th Tom Higley 28:11
26th Sally Gaines 28:12
27th Molly Broadwater 28:27
28th Rosanne Higley 29:05
29th Matthew Payne 32:05
30th Gayle Woodruff 32:34
31st Leslie Chapman 33:12
32nd Amanda Stryffeler 34:08
33rd Elena Eckland 35:15
34th Sarah Stewart 36:18
35th Donna Holland 37:55
36th Sue Weis 40:04