Tuolumne to Mammoth

Running from Tuolumne to Mammoth

 A 29mi Point-to-Point run on primarily the JMT/PCT. From Tuolumne to Mammoth 3,531 Elevation LOSS. 3,201 Elevation GAIN. Check out more photos and the map HERE!

                                       Michelle striding out in front of Banner Peak

The most 'runnable' portion of the JMT I have encountered so far. Except for the climb to Donahue, the trail is mostly flat. There are good water sources along the way, however, treating your water would be a good idea anyway because this is a high use area. The best time of year to do this run would be from mid Jun until the time the snow sticks in the fall (late October). Be prepared to encounter many through-hikers, the majority of which who will size you up by asking you how many miles you are covering for the day. Better plan ahead and tell them you started in  Yosemite Valley.

                                    Psyched on the Salomon Advanced Skin 5...and the view!

Depending on who you ask, some people would say this run is preferable starting from Mammoth, however, I might suggest the opposite. I typically like to start at the lower trailhead as I prefer power-hiking uphill over knee-thrashing downhill. There is only a few hundred feet of net loss on this run when starting from Tuolumne, however, and no steep descents. The real perk about this run when starting in Tuolumne is the development of scenery. You begin the day in quiet, flat meadows and slowly progress to higher, more mountainous and breathtaking terrain. Your last  couple miles of running bring you gawking at the spectacular Ritter range and (if the time is right) running through isles of golden cottonwoods. Wahoo! Not to be a hater and say that Tuolumne is boring or anything, it just doesn't compare to Agnew Meadows. 

                                              Actually, I am a hater. Agnew is better.

Be prepared and bring several layers (lightweight wind shell, beanie, and gloves are a must) on this outing. The Ritter range can bring on some gusty winds, while the exposed miles of running in Tuolumne can be hot if it is sunny. If you are coming from a location of low elevation, like Bishop, then you will probably forget that Tuolumne is at 10,000ft and even if there is sun, it is likely to be a good 20 degrees cooler.

                               The view popping over Donahue Pass. Can you spot the ladies??

Also, there is a toll booth when entering the Agnew meadows area. When it opens at 7am you will be required to take a shuttle into the Angew/Red's meadow area AND pay a fee to exit. If you access the area prior to 7am, you can drive through and exit with no fee (therefore if you start from Mammoth, better try to bribe your significant other/friend with breakfast confection of choice to drop you off early). If ending in Tuolumne, consider hitching a ride to town to avoid the fee later in the day.

A parks pass or fee will be required when entering Tuolumne as well.

 Ready? Er, yeah! Wait...damnit!         
Worth the chilly temps to see the fall colors!