Still looking for something for the runner who already has EVERYTHING? Look no further than these Sweet Seasonal Treats courtesy of The North Face! Available in men's and women's models.
 Flying past Mt Basin and Mt Tom in the Women's Apex.
Apex Lite Jacket
Weight: 4.6oz!
Material: Body 100% Polyester with DWR Finish
               Side Panels 100% Nylon Ripstop
Fit: Small. Fits like a baselayer, not a jacket.
The Apex Jacket is hands down one of my favorite items to have encountered this season. It is lightweight, breathable, and quite flattering. Seriously folks, it is practically the same weight of some of my baselayers! The FlashDry material is wind resistant, water resistant DWR coated polyester. There is one front stow pocket and reflective logos for early starts or late finishes. Aside from the ultralight weight build of this jacket, which is my MOST favorite attribute, the runner up perk is the Apex's fit. The trim fit cuts down on bulk and makes you forget you are even wearing a jacket! The sleeves are generously long and the collar is short so that it 1.) Doesn't chafe your chin and 2.) Permanently perks up providing excellent sun/wind coverage. I should note that I felt this jacket had a particularly slim fit that is great so long as you size up. I am usually a medium in fitted baselayers but a small in jackets. In the Apex I took a medium, and would conclude that the jacket most accurately fits according do baselayer, not jacket, size.
I can't say how PSYCHED I am to have this jacket as a part of my mountain running collection. It is so valuable to have a piece of clothing that is the size and weight of a baselayer but has the wind/rain protection of a jacket. Add in some style points and all I have to say is way to go North Face! You guys rocked this one.
 So light, you don't even know it's there! Easily fits in a small running pack.
 Enjoying the Apex on yet another run, on yet another road to nowhere in the desert.
Impulse Pant
Material: polyester/elastane blend
I can't brag about the Impulse pant in QUITE the same way as the Apex Jacket, but they are still pretty awesome. The synthetic blend of the pant felt a little rough to me at first, but they are so lightweight and breathable that it is a worthy trade off. One of my favorite features of the Impulse pant is that its breathabilty kept me comfortable throughout many wears without washing (don't judge me, I have to go to laundrymat). There are reflective logos on the pants as well and one small pocket in the back of the pant perfect for a key or gel.  One draw back of the pant for me is that I found that I am an unfortunate in-between size. The small is tighter around the waist than I would prefer, and the medium has way too much excess material. I am usually a medium in slim fitting pants, but in this case I did not want excess material to lend to increased chafing, so I went with the small.  
In all, I am happy with the Impulse. It is lighter and more breathable than most running pants I own yet does not leave you exposed to wind drafts. I have sensitive skin and this, coupled with the fact that my thighs chafe, means that I frequently can't tolerate synthetic blends. To my surprise, this was not the case with the Impulse and they are now my go-to winter funning pant.

Squeezing in a late afternoon run in the Buttermilks after a morning of climbing. With or without sun, the Apex and the Impulse keep me dry and comfortable.

Thanks for reading the entire post!  If I inspired you to get this gear, use coupon code: TNF to receive 20% off the Apex Jacket and/or Impulse Pants!