IVA BELL HOT SPRINGS - A Great Fastpacking Trip

Fall is a great time in the Sierra and Iva Bell Hot Springs is a fantastic place to visit.

January and February tend to be the planning months for backcountry trips.  If you are new to faspacking or have limited time, Iva Bell Hot Springs is one to check out.   It is a great place to camp in the fall, with crisp weather and a relatively empty backcountry.  It’s an easy loop (with a small bit of cross-country travel) making it a great place to do a fastpacking overnighter.  Beginning at Reds Meadow on the western edge of Mammoth Lakes it’s approximately 10 miles of running through forested country, passing lakes, steep canyon walls until arriving at Iva Bell Hot Springs.  There are a few different pools to choose from, all of which are great. If you are looking for really hot water, you will be disappointed, the pools are warm, but not hot.  On day 1, it's best to leave early, and you can easily arrive to the hot springs by mid-afternoon, and enjoy an afternoon and evening of soaking.  On day 2, you can wake up and enjoy another soak, but be prepared to leave by mid-morning.  This is where you will leave the trail and cross-country up to the Pacific Crest Trail.  It’s steep getting up to the PCT, but isn’t too long.  Once you hit the trail, it’s smooth sailing back to Reds Meadow.  This is approximately a 25 mile loop. It’s a great trip if you’re new to fastpacking or are looking for a more mellow backcountry experience.  If you want more detailed information go to our fastpacking page and download details on the trip. 

Iva Bell Hot Springs fastpacking - approximately a 25 mile loop
Karen Schwartz psyched for a photo opportunity among the fall foliage.
There are many pools to choose from
Hot springs - fastpacking - big smiles
Evening soaks are a MUST!
The off-trail section up to the Pacific Crest Trail is a grind.
Once you are on the PCT - It's FUN and easy running
The last few miles to Reds Meadow 
Killer single track, a little dusty.