"Winter" Race Series 5K #3 Results

A month had passed since the last 5K was held, and a new year had arrived, but still the race conditions and backdrop were exactly the same...bone dry, with a chilly morning and temps making a beeline for way above normal. As a runner, it's hard to complain about the weather we've had so far this "winter", but maybe, instead of throwing in some lunges or burpees during training runs, maybe it's time to cross train with some snow dancing.
In the meantime, 36 folks came out for the final 5K race of this year's series to challenge themselves on a rolling, mixed dirt road and asphalt course in perfect weather for running and socializing afterwards. Once again, Great Basin Bakery and Black Sheep provided bagels, cream cheese and coffee for the post-race hang. GU and Hammer products were also on hand for refueling and Nathan generously donated product for giveaways.
Thanks to everyone who came out for 1, 2, or all 3 events and, thus, helped us raise money for Inyo County Search & Rescue. SAR was actually performing a rescue the morning of the race in the southern Sierra. Their services are a vital and integral part of our mountain communities and lifestyles!

1) Eric Lynch, M25, 17:14
unofficial) Jeff Kozak, M39, 18:15 *course marking race bandit
2) Ian Bell, M27, 20:08
3) Travis Rue, M28, 20:15
4) Laura Lingeman, F25, 21:06
5) Brett Johnson(?), M38, 21:43
6) Donald Clarkson, M24, 22:13
7) Mike Lowden, M28, 22:25
8) Voodoo Kiddoo, M39, 24:09
9) Brianna Goehring, F?, 24:11
10) Keri Davis, F38, 24:17
11) Sylvia Pavich, F50, 25:30
12) Molly Broadwater, F?, 25:36
13) Ed Klotz, M54, 25:44
14) Mark Gutierrez, M38, 25:58
15) Arnie Kiddoo, M65, 26:45
16) Grace Holder, F52, 27:10
17) Ginger Perez, F18, 27:22
18) Sally Gaines, F61, 27:42
19) Tim Merritt, M62, 28:12
20) Jim Lewey, M54, 28:58
21) Scott Hennarty, M12, 29:12
22) Pam Hennarty, F34, 29:12
23) Dan Hennarty, M36, 30:24
24) Steve Thompson, M47, 30:33
25) Krista Cooper, F35, 31:20
26) Don Otto, M58, 31:52
27) Kyle Schaniel, M?, 31:59
28) Liz Fleming, F59, 32:46
29) Matt West, M42, 32:54
30) Pat Smoogen, F69, 32:58
31) Dana Crom, F47, 33:05
32) Grady Schaniel, M?, 35:45
33) Tom Schaniel, M44, 35:46
34) Margie Hooker(?), F?, 39:03
35) Gloriana Bailey, F59, 50:02
36) Bonnie Foroudi, F49, 50:02
37) Dave Foroudi, M62, 50:02